Please note the updated distribution times for Thursday, they are different from Tuesday.

Distribution times for Thursday:
11:15am -12:15pm: Cars picking up 1-4 meals
12:15pm – 1:30pm: Cars picking up 5+ meals
5:00pm-6:00pm: Open pickup time for any number of meals

Thursday menu: Roll, deli, pickle, juice, fruit

Guidelines for Driving
For all dinner pickups, entry into TA will be right turn only. Please approach TA from Scotts Level Road (not Scotts Hill Dr.). The usual left turn into TA from Old Court Rd will be prohibited, and this will be strictly enforced by the security guard. Do not make any illegal U-Turns.

Guidelines for Meal Signs
Thank you to all those who arrived on Tuesday with properly prepared signs! Signs must be taped on (not held up to the window by a passenger), and should be affixed to the passenger side window. If you have tinted windows, please tape the sign to the outside of your car. All of these steps will ensure a smooth movement of the line as our TA representative takes photos.

As a reminder, below is the original information regarding sign requirements:
Please tape a sign to your side window with the following information: Family last name, a large number to indicate all of the children in your family that you are picking up meals for, and the children’s first names and ages. This is different than what is being required at other sites, and is the requirement to pick up dinner at TA. Please see this sample document for a properly prepared sign and you may choose to print this template to make the sign for your window. A TA representative will take a photo of your sign as you are waiting in the car line, as a record of your meal pickup. We suggest using a dark, thick marker so that the sign will be clear to photograph. Please note, if you arrive with no sign, or your sign does not display the correct information as noted above, you may be asked to leave the line.