New Organization Offers Free Plug & Play Tablets to Hospital Patients and their Family Members

While the Baltimore Jewish community remains fortunate, bli ayn hara, to have had few people hospitalized due to the virus, all hospital patients have been affected by the limitations on and even complete banning of most hospital visitation. The importance of family remaining with a hospitalized patient cannot be overstated, yet this has been mostly impossible for the last few months. 

WellTab™️ is a new non-profit organization providing the next best thing – free plug & play tablets to patients and their family members in a growing number of locations throughout the country (about twenty so far) and a few more in other countries, when family can’t be physically close by. WellTab tablets help patients and families communicate easily from a safe distance. Keeping families connected with patients helps patients feel more motivated to survive and helps families feel more at ease about the wellbeing of their loved one.

Unique features of WellTab tablets include:

  • Continuous Availability: The tablets are active 24/7 and can be the only form of contact a patient has with his/her closest of kin in hospitals and nursing facilities.
  • Privacy & Security: The tablets securely connect one patient tablet to one family tablet. There is not a potentially vulnerable online meeting that can attract trouble makers.
  • Hospital Friendly: Hospital staff can easily pause the tablets for privacy or protocol purposes.
  • Autopilot: Hospital staff are busy saving lives. The tablets have an autopilot mode so they do not need a nurse to help once they are plugged in near the patient.
  • 24×7 Support: Technical support is available 24×7 (Yes, that is 7 because poskim have determined that this is hatzalas nefashos) to help with any issues.

Baltimore Hatzalah ambulances are equipped with WellTab tablets that are configured for use at participating local hospitals. Tablets have already been used at Sinai Hospital, Johns Hopkins and Levendale locally. The WellTab team has already received approval for tablet use in all the major New York City hospitals among many other places and they will help obtain additional approvals from other local Baltimore facilities as needed.

Just to highlight one local example, a Baltimore family had been unable to see or communicate with their elderly mother, who is at Levindale, in several months. WellTab helps them feel reconnected to her and enables the family to meaningfully communicate with her at any time.

Local Baltimore families of hospital patients who do not receive tablets through Hatzalah can obtain tablets by calling 917-999-0102. This is a free service. After hospitalization, the tablets are returned to a local WellTab distribution center. More information about WellTab is available at