This site serves as a central COVID related resource for our community. Please explore and check back regularly for up-to-date changes and resources.
 If you have any questions about COVID-19 or the resources available in our community and you do not find the desired information on this site, please email us at


Is this a news site?

No. While this site may include, as appropriate, news references, this site is meant as a resource reference. Please look to this site for updates on community resources, ways to access help and relevant information on the spread of the disease. 

Who put this together?

This site was developed by a group of dedicated Rabbanim and community leaders who are working to support the community needs at this time. It houses information from many organizations and sources. The content of this site has been reviewed but is not representative of any specific organization; it is provided as an information sharing service. 

Baltimore Jewish Community Task Force on COVID-19

Rabbi Pinchas Gross
Rabbi Moshe Hauer
Rabbi Dovid Heber
Rabbi Shmuel Silber

Dr. Hinda Dubin  
Dr. Howard Lederman  
Dr. Jonathan Ringo (Sinai Hospital)  
Jamie Rubin, RN (Sinai Hospital) 
Rabbi Boruch Brull (Ahavas Yisrael)
Michael Diamond (Shomrim)
Aryeh Gross
Ahuva Heyman (Bnos)
Dovid Heyman (Hatzalah)
Gil Horwitz
Nechemia Isbee (Ahavas Yisrael)
Dovid Meir Loeb
Rabbi Baruch Neuberger
Yehuda Neuberger
Dr. Elie Portnoy
Rabbi Ariel Sadwin (Agudah of MD)
Yitzy Schleifer
Tzvi Schwartz
Rabbi Yisroel Slansky (Relief MD)
Rebecca Spero
Zevy Wolman
Dovie Ziffer

We recognize and thank the following individuals for their significant efforts:

Delegate Dalya Attar
Stacy Bendet
Gavi Brown
Dr. Ari Elman
Inbal Elman
Stanley Fishkind
Renee Fishkind
Aaron Friedman
Josh Hurewitz
Heshie Klein
Doniel Meltzer (Sinai Hospital)
Jeremy Lasson
Shmuel Luxenberg
Shira Pepper
Dani Poliakoff
Dr. Ron Samet
Stuie Schabes
Juliya Sheynman
Chana Siff
Devora Stern
Frank Storch
Shalom Tendler