This site serves as a central COVID related resource for our community. Please explore and check back regularly for up-to-date changes and resources.
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We appreciate the dedication and commitment the educators in the community to educate our children through distance learning so that they continue to thrive during these challenging times. We hope the programming and resources provided here are helpful to you.
Please email with any feedback or requests for additional resources that might be helpful to you.

Distance Learning & Webinars

Distance learning, no matter the platform, presents new challenges for educators to navigate. In an effort to provide support for all community educators, a schedule of professional development opportunities is being coordinated by The Baltimore Jewish Community Task Force on COVID-19 through the efforts of the Center for Jewish Education.

Additional sessions will be added to the schedule. Please check this page regularly.

Facilitated by the Macks Center for Jewish Education with resources from the Crane Foundation.
Community Professional Development Schedule