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This page pertains to essential shopping ONLY. All non-essential shopping should be avoided at this time.

This is a busy time of year under any circumstances and made significantly busier as a result of the current situation. We ask that everybody consider the following regarding their shopping planning and consumption.

Delivery & Carry Out Options

Delivery = (d)    Carry Out = (c)

Accents (d/c)
Chef Dan (d)
Cocoaccinos (d/c)
Grub Hub (d): (Dunkin Donuts, Dougie’s, Yesh)
Sunfresh Produce (d) (Email your name, address, and phone number, along with food order and quantities. Will call for cc when packed and deliver within hours.)
Store Protocols & Grocery Safety

The single greatest Coronavirus exposure risk in our community are the grocery stores, as this is the primary forum in which our community members still interact in close physical proximity.  While pickup and delivery remain the best options, we have partnered with Seven Mile and Market Maven to adopt the following measures to reduce risk and save lives:

1.     Every shopping cart handle MUST be disinfected upon entrance – wipes will be provided. Shoppers will be provided gloves. Masks are strongly recommended and can be brought from home or purchased at these stores at nominal cost. Either way, they can and should be reused.

2.     Only 1 representative of the home, ideally, a younger and healthier member, should do all shopping. One person shopping for multiple families is strongly encouraged as well. Anyone with symptoms of fever, cough, sore throat or achiness in the past week, should NOT shop.

3.     Please consolidate all shopping into one trip with consideration for the next 2+ weeks. Smaller shopping trips should be avoided, to whatever extent possible.

4.     Please use best practices, including liberal use of hand sanitizer, even on gloves, and avoid touching your face.

5.     Grocery employees will be screened for symptoms of illness daily, and will be equipped with gloves and masks at all times.

6.     Practice social distancing while shopping or checking out.  Use hand sanitizer should upon exiting the store, especially if you had to touch the credit card terminal when signing.              

7.  A best practice is to leave all deliveries and groceries in the refrigerator or storage untouched for 48-72 hours, rendering the virus non-ineffective. 

These measures have been proven to save lives, and we can only do it together.  This is a simple way to protect yourself and prevent harming other members of the community. Click here for more information on safe grocery shopping.

Should we be concerned about a food shortage?

There is a taskforce monitoring the stock of groceries held by our major supermarkets and food outlets across the community.

There is no reason to panic or be concerned: We have every expectation that the community will have enough food and supplies for the entire Pesach season, both chametz and Pesach foods; gebrokts and non-gebrokts. Stores are well stocked and restocking continuously. Our caterers and take-out stores are ready for orders, and other local caterers have agreed to offer Pesach options should the need arise. 

Considering this, and to avoid generating unnecessary waste and concern at this time, please avoid overstocking of staple items.

What are the Guidelines for Social Distancing While Shopping?

Make sure to practice social distancing in grocery stores and other public areas. Maintain adequate space around you and others.

    • No more than one person per family should be shopping. 
    • Children should not come to the store under any circumstances. 
    • Do not spend time socializing; do your shopping and leave. 
    • Wash your hands prior to arriving and after leaving the store. 
    • When available, use wipes or similar to clean the shopping carts.  

Please bear in mind that some stores may have designated hours for the elderly and at-risk populations. Please respect the seriousness of these needs and comply with requests. If you are a member of the elderly or at-risk populations, please click here to learn about the Ahavas Yisroel Errand Coordination Program

Have Supermarkets Implemented Protocols?

Please respect and comply with any other protocols implemented by supermarkets, including drive-up check outs, restricted entry or crowd control, and other measures. These businesses are doing their best to protect their staff and customers while maintaining the critical infrastructure we need.

Are Restaurants Open?

Restaurants are currently not open for in-house dining. Consider the above-mentioned social distancing measures when picking up take-out as well. Many local vendors are offering good deals for family meals with free delivery.

Food Prepared By Others

Food prepared by someone who was asymptomatic can be provided to others. Food containers should be wiped down or the food transferred immediately upon receipt into new containers. If the food is heated up – there should be no concern. Even if not heated, ingesting the virus in food is unlikely harmful at all. Biggest concern remains the surface of the containers or bags that is holding the food. Fruits and vegetables picked by hand should be washed down with soap and water as well.

Under these circumstances – people can prepare food for others. Social distancing restrictions must be maintained; food can be dropped off by the door for pick up.